• Boerhaavia Root

    Synonyms: Spreading Hogweed

    Family: Nyctaginaceae

    Genus species: Boerhaavia diffusa, Boerhaavia repens, Boerhaavia procumbeno, Boerhaavia erecta

    Type: Tree

    Part Used: Root

    Location: Bengal, central provinces of India, Madras, Mysore, northern India, southern Bombay

    Actions: Alexeteric, anthelmintic, antibilious, anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, antidote to snakebite, antipyretic, bitter, cardiotonic, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, hypertensive, laxative, purgative, relaxant, stomachic

    Indications: Alcoholism, anasarca, anemia, asthma, biliousness, colic, cough, edema, gonorrhea, internal inflammation, jaundice, kidney stone, snake venom, strangury

    Chemicals & Nutrients: Potassium

    Contraindications: Hypertension.

    Drug Interactions: Due to the diuretic action of this herb the following drug interactions are possible: increased risk of toxicity with anti-inflammatory analgesics; if hypokalemia occurs possible antagonism with antiarrhythmics and potentiation of muscle relaxants; antagonizes antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) drugs; may potentiate and/or interfere with antihypertensives; may potentiate lithium therapy; when taken with corticosteroids there is a risk for hypokalemia; may potentiate other diuretics and increase the risk of hypokalemia. Due to the cardioactive chemicals in this herb the following drug interactions are possible: interference and/or antagonism with antiarrhythmics; antagonism of beta-adrenoceptor blocking drugs; potentiation of cardiac glycosides and increased risk of hypokalemia; when combined with depolarizing muscle relaxants there is a risk of arrhythmia; interference with nitrates and calcium-channel blockers; may increase the potential terfenadine has to cause arrhythmias. Preparations of this herb may antagonize antihypertensive drugs and nitrates and calcium-channel blockers, and when combined with sympathomimetics there is an increased risk of hypertension.

    Note: Total alcoholic extract showed significant anti-inflammatory activity against carrageenin-induced hind paw edema in rats. Aqueous extract and the alkaloid (purarnavine) inhibited the increased serum aminotransferase activity in arthritic animals, similar to hydrocortisone.

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