• Cranberry

    Synonyms: Low-Bush Cranberry

    Family: Ericaceae

    Genus species: Vaccinium macrocarpon, Oxycoccus macrocarpon

    Type: Low, creeping, evergreen bog plant

    Part Used: Fruit

    Location: central Europe, Massachusetts, northern Europe, U.S.

    Actions: Antiadhesion activity on mucous membrane surfaces (blocking the adhesion of Escherichia coli to urinary bladder mucosal cells), antibacterial, antipyretic, antiseptic, bacteriostatic, diuretic, may also prevent Escherichia coli colonization in the gut as well as the bladder, refrigerant, urinary tract infection preventative

    Indications: Cystitis, dysuria, kidney infection, scurvy, urinary tract infection (0.4-1 liter per day)

    Preparation & Dosages:

    Juice: 90 ml as prophylactic against urinary tract infection

    Powdered Fruit: 0.5-4 g/day

    Drug Interactions: Due to the diuretic action of this herb the following drug interactions are possible: increased risk of toxicity with anti-inflammatory analgesics; if hypokalemia occurs possible antagonism with antiarrhythmics and potentiation of muscle relaxants; antagonizes antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) drugs; may potentiate and/or interfere with antihypertensives; may potentiate lithium therapy; when taken with corticosteroids there is a risk for hypokalemia; may potentiate other diuretics and increase the risk of hypokalemia.

    Warning: With large amounts, 4 grams or more (or 3-4 liters of juice), diarrhea and abdominal discomfort results.

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