• Lobelia Herb

    Synonyms: Asthma Root, Asthma Weed, Ban Bian Lian, Bladder Podded Lobelia, Emetic Weed, Fever Cure, Gagroot, Indian Tobacco, Pan Pien Lien, Puke Root, Pukeweed, Vomit Wort, Wild Tobacco

    Family: Campanulaceae

    Genus species: Lobelia inflata, Lobelia chinensis, Lobelia radicans

    Type: Annual or biennial herb

    Part Used: Aerial parts

    Homeopathy: Tincture of fresh flowering plant or trituration of dried leaves

    Location: eastern U.S.

    Actions: Alexeteric, ANS depressant (large dose), ANS stimulant (small dose), antasthmatic, antifungal, antihypertensive, antispasmodic, antitussive, bradycardic, bronchodilator (proper dosage), catalyst and synergist with other herbs, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic (large doses), emetic (large doses), expectorant, has nicotine-like activity: CNS stimulant followed by severe CNS depression and respiratory depression, hemostatic, laxative, nauseating expectorant, nervine, parasympathomimetic, respiratory depressant (large doses), respiratory stimulant, sedative, sialagogue, spasmolytic, sudorific

    Indications: Abscess, ague, albuminuria, angina pectoris, ascites, asthma, biliary colic, breast cancer, bronchitic asthma, bronchitis, bronchorrhea, bruise, chronic bronchitis, colic, common cold, convulsion, croup, diphtheria, ear infection (tincture), edema, epilepsy, fever, food poisoning, headache, hepatitis, hypertension, hysteria, influenza, insect bites, jaundice, laryngitis, malaria, measles, muscle spasms, myositis, neurasthenia, pertussis, pleurisy, pneumonia, puerperal eclampsia, rheumatic nodules, rheumatism, rhus dermatitis, rigid os uteri, ringworm, snakebite, sore throat, spastic colon, sprain, strangury, tobacco addiction, tonsillitis, urticaria

    Homeopathic Indications: Alcoholism, amenorrhea, angina pectoris, asthma, cardiac disorders, cough, croup, deafness, debility, diarrhea, dyspepsia, effects of tea, emphysema, fainting, gallstones, hair loss, hay asthma, heart palpitation, heartburn, hemorrhoids, hysteria, meningeal headache, Miller's asthma, morning sickness, morphine habit, painful menstruation, pertussis, pleurisy, psoriasis, rigid os, seborrhea, stomachache, vomiting, wen

    Chemicals & Nutrients: Aluminum, Calcium, Carbohydrates (83%), Fats (3%), Fiber (9%), Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein (9%), Sodium, Vitamin C

    Preparation & Dosages: (3x/day)

    Dried Herb: 0.2-0.6 g or by infusion or decoction (as expectorant 100 mg dried herb)

    Liquid Extract: 1:1 in 50% alcohol, dose 0.2-0.6 ml

    Tincture Lobelia: 1:8 in 60% alcohol, dose 0.4-1.6 ml (as expectorant 0.6-2 ml tincture)

    Tincture Lobelia Acid: 1:10 in dilute acetic acid, dose 1-4 ml

    Contraindications: Cardiac weakness with valve incompetence, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, duodenal ulcer, esophageal reflux, gastrointestinal disease, hydropericardium, lactation, nervous prostration, paralysis, pregnancy, shock, spastic colitis, stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis.

    Drug Interactions: Due to the diuretic action of this herb the following drug interactions are possible: increased risk of toxicity with anti-inflammatory analgesics; if hypokalemia occurs possible antagonism with antiarrhythmics and potentiation of muscle relaxants; antagonizes antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) drugs; may potentiate and/or interfere with antihypertensives; may potentiate lithium therapy; when taken with corticosteroids there is a risk for hypokalemia; may potentiate other diuretics and increase the risk of hypokalemia. Due to the antihypertensive (hypotensive) action of this herb the following interactions are possible: when taken with anesthetics an increased hypotensive effect; potentiation of antihypertensives; when taken with diuretics difficulty with diuresis and hypertension may result; antagonism of sympathomimetics.

    Side Effects: (Possible adverse effects and/or overdose effects) Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, headache, tremors, dizziness, reduced breathing, drop in blood pressure, sweating, tachycardia, profuse diaphoresis, coma; fatalities have occurred. Symptoms of overdose: Vomiting, profuse diaphoresis, hypotension, tachycardia, hypothermia, stupor, paralysis, respiratory depression, convulsions, hypothermia, coma and death.

    Warning: Treatment should commence at a lower level until the patient response is known. A proper dosage can open closed bronchioles, however if too much is given, it slows respiration and lowers blood pressure drastically. Seek professional advice and supervision when taking Lobelia. The FDA considers Lobelia inflata unsafe for human consumption. The Australian government considers Lobelia spp. unsafe for human consumption.

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