• Marshmallow Leaf

    Marshmallow Leaf

    Synonyms: Guimauve, Marsh Mallow, Marshmallow, Sweet Weed, Wymote

    Family: Malvaceae

    Genus species: Althaea officinalis

    Type: Perennial plant

    Part Used: Leaves

    Location: Belgium, Bulgaria, Europe, former U.S.S.R., former Yugoslavia, Hungary, U.S., western Asia

    Actions: Antihyperglycemic, antilithic, antitussive, demulcent, diuretic, emollient, expectorant

    Indications: Abscess, boil, bronchitis, cystitis, dry cough, edema, gastroenteritis, headache, indigestion, sore throat, stomatitis, ulcer, urethritis, urinary calculi

    Preparation & Dosages: (3x/day)

    Dried Leaf: 2-5 g or by infusion

    Tea: 2 g, let stand in cold water, stir, strain after 1-2 hours, drink 1 cup several times a day. Cold water extract is preferred to hot water infusion.

    Liquid Extract: 1:1 in 25% alcohol, dose 2-5 ml

    Ointment: 5% powdered althea leaf in usual ointment base.

    Contraindications: Patients with bowel disorders and/or obstruction.

    Drug Interactions: May potentiate antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) drugs. Due to the diuretic action of this herb the following drug interactions are possible: increased risk of toxicity with anti-inflammatory analgesics; if hypokalemia occurs possible antagonism with antiarrhythmics and potentiation of muscle relaxants; antagonizes antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) drugs; may potentiate and/or interfere with antihypertensives; may potentiate lithium therapy; when taken with corticosteroids there is a risk for hypokalemia; may potentiate other diuretics and increase the risk of hypokalemia.