• Grass Flowers

    Grass Flowers

    Synonyms: Cat's-Tails Flowers, Cock's Foot Flowers, Common Couch Grass Flowers, Foxtails Flowers, Lop Grass Flowers, Meadow Fescue Flowers, Perennial Rye-Grass Flowers, Sweet Vernal Grass Flowers, Timothy Grass Flowers

    Family: Poaceae

    Genus species: Anthoxantum odoratum (Sweet Vernal Grass), Agropyron repens (Common Couch Grass), Lolium perenne (Perennial Rye-Grass), Bromus hordeaceus (Lop Grass), Festuca pratensis (Meadow Fescue), Phleum spp. (Cat's-Tails, Timothy Grass), Alopecurus spp. (Foxtails), Dactylis spp. (Cock's Foot)

    Type: Grass

    Part Used: Flowers

    Location: ubiquitous

    Actions: Increases local blood circulation, mild sedative

    Indications: Chilblain, lumbago, neurasthenia, Topical heat treatment of degenerative disease

    Preparation & Dosages: Tea: 3-4 liters of boiling water poured over 500 g of the drug, boil for 1 minute, allow to draw for 30 min., add to bath for 15 min. follow with 1 hour rest in bed.

    Contraindications: Open wounds, acute rheumatic attacks, acute inflammation.

    Side Effects: (Possible adverse effects and/or overdose effects) Allergic skin reactions.