• Guar Gum

    Synonyms: Cluster Bean, Guar Flour, Jaguar Gum

    Family: Leguminosae or Fabaceae

    Genus species: Cyamopsis tetragonolobus

    Type: Annual plant

    Part Used: Endosperm of the seed

    Location: tropical Asia, India, Pakistan, U.S.

    Actions: Antihypercholesterolemic, antihyperglycemic, antihypertensive, appetite suppressant, binder, bulk forming laxative, cholagogue, disintegration agent, reduces cholesterol absorption, stabilizer, suspension agent, thickener, weight loss aid

    Indications: Diabetes mellitus, diarrhea, environmental toxin poisoning, hypercholesterolemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, obesity

    Preparation & Dosages:

    Powder: 5 g up to 3x/day with or preceding meals, take with fluid (250 ml)

    Contraindications: Lower bowel obstruction.

    Drug interactions: May affect the absorption of concomitantly administered drugs. May potentiate antidiabetic (hypoglycemic) drugs. Due to the antihypertensive (hypotensive) action of this herb the following interactions are possible: when taken with anesthetics an increased hypotensive effect; potentiation of antihypertensives; when taken with diuretics difficulty with diuresis and hypertension may result; antagonism of sympathomimetics.

    Side Effects: (Possible adverse effects and/or overdose effects) Flatulence, gastrointestinal pain, nausea, diarrhea.

    Warning: Can cause esophageal, gastric or intestinal obstruction. FDA considers guar gum a misbranded drug when referring to claims of weight loss, appetite suppression or cholesterol or blood glucose lowering effects.

    Note: Take with copious amounts of fluid; at least 250 ml (8 oz.) liquid.

    Safety: GRAS.

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